Do I Have To File A US Tax Return If I Am Living Abroad?
Wondering Whether To File Taxes As An American Expat? Around 8.5 million American citizens live overseas. However, many of those citizens aren’t aware that even though they do not live in the US currently (and are filing their taxes in the country of their residence), they still need to file US tax returns. Why do [...]
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US Taxes For Expats – 15 Point Guide To File Your Returns Smoothly
Taxes. The dreaded T Word. Double the dread when you are a US expat who needs to file your tax returns with the IRS. Filing taxes is always a troublesome and hectic task. As an American expat living abroad, this becomes even more complicated because of the labyrinthine rules and regulations within the US Tax [...]
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2022 US Tax Season Is In Full Swing
Yes, Even For US Citizens Living Abroad Ah, the tax season. That annual time of the dreaded IRS rules, Forms, excel sheets, invoices, and whatnot. Not the favorite time for most people. Except for people like us – we’re U.S. Tax Pros. We love taking on your US tax nightmare so you can chill. [...]
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IRS Filing Deadline Extended
The Treasury Department and IRS announced last Wednesday that the filing deadline has been extended from April 15th, 2021 to May 17th 2021.  IRS commissioner Charles Rettig stated “This continues to be a tough time for many people, and the IRS wants to continue to do everything possible to help taxpayers navigate the unusual circumstances related to […]
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Claiming Your Recovery Rebate Credit
Didn’t Receive Your Economic Impact Payment? You May Be Entitled To A Credit On Your 2020 Tax Return. Americans living in New Zealand were eligible for the Economic Impact Payments (also referred to as stimulus checks or recovery rebates) included in the Coronavirus Aid Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) act.
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